Launch your ideas into the stratosphere with our high octane solutions.

We create an ideal blend of design and technology, backed by powerful computing to craft compelling, custom built solutions.


Think of us as your partners, and we’ll take the 10x leap for you.

Bringing your vision to life, or even giving it a new coat of polish is what we do best. Our focus is equally balanced on customer experience as well as the technology that supports it.

We combine cutting edge tech with intuitive design and analysis to create an unparalleled consumer journey. Whether it is web, mobile or everything in between, we’ve got all the right answers.


Product Development

Our team works with the holy trinity of product development, strength in technology and critical thinking.

You can count on us for quality, reliability and performance as the foundation of the product we create with you. The rest is cherries, strawberries, blueberries and everything else that you may like on your cake.


Delivering intuitive, interactive and responsive user experiences is only possible when created under the right framework.


While Native Mobile apps are a given, cross platform and hybrid applications are the future! We build native iOS and Android applications but React Native is our new bud, and we are fast friends.

Global entertainment sponsorship with an elite clientele.

For Turnstile, we rebuilt the product platform from scratch using a core built on Node.JS and React. The rich dashboard and tailored user experience allow Turnstile’s users to control their data and generate meaningful insights that help them reeling their business strategies. 


Supplemental Teams

If you’re looking to build your own development team, or give your existing one a bit of a leg up, we’ve got you. Work with us to find a solution for your needs, and we’ll get you a specially built team meant to handle your requirements in particular.

We design and build websites that perform exactly as you envision them. Our process makes sure that we take a deep dive into the finer details to capture all the requirements. From the aesthetics to content management and performance. (And you’re browsing an example right now!)


Bespoke Websites

Enabling businesses digitally and personally

Web Force 5 is your one-stop destination for digital services. This Melbourne based service provider has systemised a random industry, so that everyone can afford the beauty of a big enterprise solution. They were looking for a partner agency who could help them convey their unique voice.

Next generation clear aligner business made truly next-gen

Built on the ubiquitous CMS WordPress and Elementor, the OrthoFX website was designed to look clean and modern, and at the same time, be a breeze to manage. For those managing the backend, the familiar content workflow of WordPress allows the product and marketing teams to make tweaks to the website effortlessly and add pages on the fly.

Helping protect the lifeblood of trillion dollar industries.

Veridapt builds industrial solutions in software, hardware and services. They needed bespoke content and user experiences to highlight their work, all within the framework of simple content workflow. For them, we built the platform using React paired with our headless CMS solution for uninterrupted and clean interactions.


Assurance of Quality

We make sure we adhere to the latest industry standards, processes and best practices.


The industry is betting big on automation, especially in scenarios like regression testing. Our team specializes in automation testing tools such as Selenium and can design automation workflows that can weed out issues proactively with little intervention.

Performance testing

A software system can be highly functional, but it won’t be of any use if it fails under stress. We design custom performance tests to ensure that the systems we deliver are battle hardened and cater to rising load.

100% ISTQB Certified

Our QA team is fully ISTQB certified, which makes our development offering formidable.


Cloud-native is the new norm and we are well versed with cloud platforms such as AWS, Digital Ocean and Azure.

Development Operations

Infrastructure and DevOps are highly critical, yet often overlooked aspects of software development. At Terrific Minds, DevOps is a first class citizen and gets a seat on the same table as functionality and design.

We always make sure that the customers’ products are built on scalable and highly available infrastructure, whether it is hosted on AWS or other cloud services, VPS or even if needs on-premise implementation.


Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery is used to make sure developers stay ultra productive so that deployments are hassle free. We also use orchestration tools such as Docker to make sure environments are easily replicated and manageable.


IT Operations

DevOps, Reliability, Availability &

Discover digital transformation that is

intuitive, imaginative and expressive.










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