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Forthcode is a technology provider that specializes in Next Generation SaaS platforms. Their team has expertise in IoT and AI, and their platforms can create ecosystems and leverage data to provide insights for a better user experience. They have global partnerships to facilitate the adoption of technologies like IoT, Analytics, and AI.

Kotlin and Java were the primary programming languages used in the development of the mobile application. Android Profiler was used to monitor and optimize the app’s resource utilization. Finotes was used to detect bugs and improve the application’s performance, while Sugarbox was integrated to enable offline app usage for users.

Figma prototypes were created to design the user interface and user experience for the application. The application design was completed within a month, and the backend application design was completed within 3-4 weeks. The UX team at Terrific Minds developed the new UI and features within two months’ time. The design included a custom seat selection screen for digital tablets and Point of Service (POS) device views. This allowed the crew to have a detailed scrollable view of a selected set of seats with relevant data pertaining to each passenger.

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There was a significant improvement in operational efficiency for cabin crew members after the application’s deployment. The crew could cater to the needs of the customers and take or place orders with a few clicks on an intuitive interface. The backend of the application was revamped, providing the warehouse team with a holistic view of stock, uplifts, and more. A detailed dashboard consisting of graphs and charts helped predict and monitor inventory and finances.

The development team followed the SCRUM methodology, with JIRA used as the project management tool to manage tasks and progress.

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