Terrific by Design

Our User Experience team crafts digital experiences rooted in simplicity, usability and aesthetics with a primary focus on customer retention and repeat sales.

Terrific by Design

Our User Experience team crafts digital experiences rooted in simplicity, usability and aesthetics with a primary focus on customer retention and repeat sales.


Good design is at the heart of everything we do

Our user experience (UX) and visual design teams are invested in market research, competitor analysis, and user interviews while adopting the latest design trends to ideate the best prototype and experience for your Ecommerce business.

We’ll help your business grow by first understanding you and your users. Have a brilliant new feature you’d like to test out? Odds are we’re already building its prototype for you.


We think, speak, and build experiences.

Would you like to know what makes good products? 

We can help you understand, and our User Centric Design (UCD) will make it happen for you. Our research based design places the user at the center of the product design requirements and weaves the best experience using Adobe Creative Cloud products. Our interactive prototype designs are the lifesaver of many founders during investor presentations by being the visual enabler to communicate the business idea.


Product Design

Our user experience (UX) team conducts market research, competitor analysis, and end-user interviews to create User Centric Designs (UCD) for your product idea. These designs follow the latest UX trends and design guidelines to craft the best customer experience (CX).

Metrics beyond Aesthetics

Design isn’t just about aesthetics. We ensure that our work can be tracked and analytically presented to give you the right idea about the impact it delivers.

Experience driven

We craft solutions that are seamless and intuitive, meant to deliver impeccable experiences that leave a wow factor.

Designed for scalability

Everything we create is future ready! So whether you grow, diversify or multiply at the speed of light, we’ll be right there with you.


Designing a fan engagement mobile platform

We paired users enthusiasm and cognitive decision making factors rooted in emotional behavior to build an engaging user experience. The design challenge was to build a ticket booking system, match analyser, game center, CSK TV, and an Ecommerce experience for fans. This was achieved by a hierarchical drill down information architecture and with the ideas of User Centric Designs (UCD).

Persuasion, Emotion and Trust

Our approach to every Ecommerce project involves a persuasion quest that starts by design meant to generate credibility and trust. We leverage principles of cognitive psychology and behavioral patterns to guide users through to the purchase by providing reassurance and removing any perceived risks along the way.

Intuitive, predictive and imaginative

We are not just about knowing what the consumer needs and we go one step ahead and bring it to them before they realize they need it. That’s the kind of ease we build into our Ecommerce product User Experience.


Ecommerce Design

We design Ecommerce experiences with a focus on conversion, improving customer click through rates, and usability of the core workflow pages. Our Ecommerce Design Intelligence (EDI) focuses on improving return sales, ROI and lifetime customer value by simplifying the purchase process and enhancing the overall brand aesthetics.

Promoting sustainable drinking behaviour

Fill Me is a Switzerland and Liechtenstein based niche product line company selling water bottles with patented technology to enterprise customers. They invest a sizeable part of their profits in a non-profit venture focussed on sustainable drinking water projects. We built a premium brand experience, delivering the best Ecommerce functionalities using Magento. We supported features like bulk ordering and bulk order discounts for customers with enterprise or retailer logins. Other noted features were Odoo and Swiss post integrations and product customization tool (Custom Gateway) integration.

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Global eCommerce platform which quintupled their revenues

Oman’s luxury perfume brand, Amouage, is an internationally renowned platform for those who enjoy the finer scents in life. 

Built on Magento 2, the endlessly customizable, open source shopping platform, we transformed their older website into an engaging experience that pays homage to their rich Omani heritage

Seamless and easy to navigate, the website witnessed an exponential upswing in traffic, sales and presence, ultimately resulting in a 5x revenue stream.



We believe in crafting world class experiences for brands aspiring to compete with the best in their industry. Our branding exercises for customers aim at creating styles, guidelines and assets which are consistent with the brand’s identity. We deliver a unique premium positioning for the brand within their market.

Whether you need your brand to be extended, or a whole new identity to be created, you can be sure that our designers are raring to have a go at something that breaks through the clutter and brings your brand to life.

Design System

We create a comprehensive design library and style guide for your brand that gives you everything you need to build, and build and then build some more. A runway, so to speak, for your brand to take off and soar.

Whether you want to diversify, upgrade or even just try a new look, which you can with ease because we’ve got your back. Because everything we build is created with your brand’s message in mind.

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