A unique and patented modular building system that lets users create naturally beautiful and long-lasting garden structures.


WoodBlocX Website Support 

Version upgrade 

New module development 

Quality Assurance 





Terrific Minds supported the existing development team at WoodBlocX in improving the features of the website, completing the upgrade process and also implementing new features and modules as suggested by the current team.

WoodBlocX was further supported by building new modules and adding features after the migration from M1 to M2.

Terrific Minds conducted an end to end QA of the website.

We employed our qualified team of eCommerce consultants, Certified engineers, QAs, UX experts and deployment specialists. There was a strong Operations and Project Management team to support the delivery team.

Terrific Minds worked closely with the existing team and the stakeholders to understand the domain and the requirements better.

The challenges for the team were identified and documented during the initial discussions. Further to which, we prepared a detailed test plan and executed the test cases as per the plan. Tracking tools were implemented to successfully close them.

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