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SugarBoo Curls

Refresh and Reset on Brand Media Assets


Product Photography

Ecommerce Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Video Production

Stop motion animation

Instagram reel


Motion Graphics

Video & Photography Production



SugarBoo Curls was introduced into the market to aid curly haired consumers who were tired of their frizzy and out of control hair. The brand provides a series of hair products for curly haired people at affordable rates.

They had dire need of professional ecommerce and lifestyle photographs for their Amazon, Social Media profiles and their website.

We created video & photo content for their existing range of products. The project involved both eCommerce and lifestyle photographs.

Our team undertook shoots for individual products and bundled packages. In addition, we supported SugarBoo by creating an Instagram video reel for their promotion activities and ad campaign.

Our work for SugarBoo Curls was centered around understanding the brand and the end consumer and focused on creating an improved brand experience on their website and Amazon. We made a difference to the client by bringing in a fresh and lively brand and product identity through the content that was created.

The SugarBoo Curls team was happy with the overall delivery from Terrific Minds and our media assets played a crucial role in continued branding and product marketing.

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