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Technology Driven Solution for Eyewear Retailers


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Demo Shopify Webstore

Luna offers an unmatched, integrated suite of technologies and services to forward-looking eyewear retailers, brands and doctors all around the world. They are on a mission to transform the process of buying eyewear and contacts to make it simple and exceptional, online and in stores.

At Terrific Minds we built a Shopify demo site by integrating products like Virtual Try-On, PD Reader, Lens Scanner etc. to showcase how product integrations would appear on a retailer’s online store built on Shopify.

The team integrated new designs on the Shopify webstore and further worked on making regular changes as required on the virtual store. The client uses the demo webstore as their marketing tool.

The Shopify development team optimized the page layout to suit the design, images and font. The team continues to support Luna in the Webstore Development and Customisations on the web page.

The team conducted design analysis for the client and documented effort estimation. The team continues to work closely with Luna’s technical team to ensure version upgrades and design changes are promptly updated on the Shopify Demo Webstore.

Thorough planning was conducted in order to implement the project successfully. Communication was achieved with daily scrums that discussed challenges and tracked the progress of the project.

We also conducted weekly meetings with the client to track the progress and demonstrate completed activities on the Shopify Webstore. With the demo and feedback system, relevant changes were integrated into the online store. This ensured that the project closure was smooth.

Terrific Minds further also supported Luna by building a custom web application. This application is used to capture a user’s image using three different workflows. The application further brings recommendations on the sunglasses or power glasses that are best suited for the user’s face.

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