Top 5 Magento Commerce Plugins for your Ecommerce Store

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What is SEO?

Magento has been the ecommerce platform of selection for several made on-line businesses, and with smart reason. With Magento, a business will build a stable web-store with immense scope for personalization. This ensures all of your distinctive business desires are unit enforced and your customers have a convenient searching expertise.

In order to induce the most out of this powerful ecommerce platform, it’s necessary to grasp the sub-rosa heroes-the Magento plugins and extensions that build it a sleek expertise for the patron.

In the market, it’s an outsized variety of Magento Extensions that facilitate search for homeowners to grow their online business. From providing you with powerful promoting tools to automating long processes that square measure obstructively up your schedule, your ecommerce technical school stack will make-or-break your business, and selecting the proper extensions to integrate into your Magento store offers a good variety of advantages.

Here are five must-have extensions for your ecommerce store:

1. One Step Checkout Extension

You’ve found what you wish to buy, put it into the cart, and now simply have to checkout and pay. A long method awaits you—check in or register, fill in your personal details, then the shipping details, opt for the payment technique, and create the payment. Or you can use One Step Checkout to cut back the number of steps and complete the acquisition in just one page, saving time taken to load the page at each step and encouraging swift purchase.

If you own an eCommerce web site, the foremost necessary issue you would like to keep an eye fixed out for is: “How to boost the checkout user experience? “.

Ecommerce retailers ought to perceive that online customers hate to fill in repetitive information forms once ordered. That’s the explanation for the emergence of a wise checkout page, to cut back on the number of consumers abandoning the acquisition.

One Step Checkout may be a Magento extension that simplifies the checkout method of your Magento store. This module will “simplify” the payment steps and build an improved read of consumers for the entire programme. In the One Step Checkout extension, payment is displayed on one page and, therefore, the client will see all the steps while not probing another page.

2. MegaMenu

Magento Mega Menu extension is your resolution to form the simplest sitemap with the most navigation. By using the Mega Menu extension, you can convert your website navigation into an attractive menu layout with many menu styles and layouts. It already provides a variety of menu designs and layouts,you just need to configure them. If needed, we can even create a customizable navigation bar that displays categories, sub-categories, custom content, images, and products. Most Mega Menus can be managed without any technical knowledge! You can easily set your menu items with content (static blocks), products, categories,etc. 

How does it help?

Associate in Nursing e-commerce website with varied products. You had a tough time organising all the customers’ choices, and it was a large number with too many products or classes in your menus. 

Retailers can have the advantages of a Mega Menu module.

  • It helps you see each possibility at a glance.

  • It organises all products and classes effectively.

  • It captures visitors’ attention initially with its nice style.

  • Mobile devices are responsive.

  • They are straightforward to use, even without special writing skills.

  • One more issue: you don’t have to worry about running a website with “turtle speed”. The Magento Mega Menu extension doesn’t have an effect on your website speed, obviously. Moreover, you’ll be able to flexibly discover your desired menu with completely different content showing-off.

In a nutshell, Mega Menu may be a must-have addition to each Magento e-commerce website, and currently you have got a reliable tool for adding it to your on-line shop front.

3. Ajax Layered Navigation

When a client visits your Magento powered web-store and encounters a listing of thousands of merchandise, he/she is spoilt for selection.

To build certain customers that aren’t flooded and make searching a pleasing expertise, filters are necessary.

Filters may be created for any attribute—price, variation, colour, material, size, brand etc. However, if the merchandise page reloads whenever one applies a filter, the web-store can witness mass abandonment of searching carts.

4. Banner Slider Extension

Be the owner of an associate eCommerce website, whether or not it’s a graphic designer’s website, or a distributor’s. It’s necessary to spotlight your creations or stunning products on your website to influence customers to choose you.

What is the Banner Slider extension?

The Banner Slider Extension is a perfect resolution to grab the visitor’s attention initially with a shocking series of pictures.

Specifically, to make your website a lot more conspicuous and enticing to your customers, the Banner Slider extension for Magento is a good resolution to show banners at the top of your Magento online store page. With the assistance of this extension, website owners will place different banner ads or run some banner advertising campaigns at the top of their sites to grab the attention of shoppers.

How does it help?

A Banner Slider can attract customers right from the initial moments they’re on the website.

  • Get customers’ attention with conspicuous pictures.

  • Choose among positions and a spread of effects to show slides.

  • Highlight your promotion, campaign or any event by using the banner slider.

For retailers, to own a contemporary tool to introduce your pictures professionally, the Banner Slider extension is important.

5. SEO Extension

For eCommerce, SEO is turning into a lot of necessary work. Magento itself is one of the world’s #1 open source SEO solutions. However, it’ll be even higher by having dozens of SEO optimizations (called Extensions or Plugins). That helps you improve the SEO downside for your eCommerce web site with Magento.

What is an SEO Extension for Magento?

The SEO extension may be a designed code that optimises the website and mechanically marks the standards of the website to grant you suggestions regarding the ever-changing content of the page or planning your own website friendly with SEO.

SEO is an associate degree extension that you just use to optimise your website, SEO keywords that you just need to rank well within the Google programme. The SEO code permits users to SEO each web site and each keyword.

Why do you need it?

With every SEO extension provided by totally different vendors, there’ll be different options and advantages. However, their square measure has many benefits to create a necessary extension once beginning a Magento eCommerce website.

It will improve your SEO for the Magento website.


Extensions provide a good hack to remodel your ecommerce store into a money-churning entity. Find the plugin that suits your web site best and follow it. We have a tendency to conjointly advise that you just produce a backup of your Magento before putting in any plugin on the list. This way, you’ll be able to simply restore the previous version in the case of any complications.