Enhancing Productivity Tools with AI

Microsoft announced Microsoft 365 Copilot, this would be a new set of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) integrations that is present on the suite of Office applications. The underlying engine being powered by ChatGPT as well as technology developed using Microsoft Graph and large language models (LLMs).

The Copilot system is is not just a ChatGPT engine that has been slapped on top of the user experience. It also harnesses the power of Microsoft Graph and large language models (LLMs).Copilot can now support the end user by creating content, addressing queries through the prompt method. 

Microsoft – ‘Most people use no more than ten percent of what PowerPoint can do. Copilot unlocks the other ninety percent.’ The limited use of Microsoft Applications could be seen across the board for many organizations and now Copilot helps unlock productivity and improve operational expertise.

Creating First Drafts

Now users can implement the power of Copilot to create the first draft of documents that they would need to process. It can separate information that is valid to the user and further integrate data from other sources. Furthermore, Copilot can build content with respect to a particular tone of voice. Now change writing style, make it formal, informal shorter of even longer with Copilot. 

Microsoft Teams

Copilot can summarize the team meeting that has been attended or even missed. Furthermore, quickly create a summary and even set a list of actions that may need to be achieved once the meeting is over with a few prompts.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Now create a deck of slides on PowerPoint by prompting the tone, the message and the content that would need to be generated. Import images with ease and give final touches to quickly generate powerful slides that speak and emote effectively. 

Microsoft Business Chat 

Pull information from multiple sources into a single repository using Copilot’s business chat. Use natural language to  research and produce all the information that would be need; once the information is culminated, build a deck and send it through email. 


With the big presentation Microsoft had rolled out, Copilot should be available over the next few months through its various Office 365 applications; users have to now wait to test Copilot on real time data.