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Adobe Commerce : Adobe (Magento) is a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce; in the last iteration of this research it was also a Leader. Its commerce product, Magento Commerce, offers a single-tenant commerce platform, as well as multi-tenant distributed order management and commerce analytics. Operations are globally diversified, with the majority of Magento’s customers being midsize businesses in a range of industry sectors and geographies. Digital commerce leaders in midsize B2C and B2B organizations seeking a robust commerce solution that can be deeply customized should consider Magento. Digital commerce leaders in large enterprises should monitor Adobe Commerce Cloud, a bundled offering that combines Adobe Experience Manager with Magento, as it improves Magento’s ability to scale and deepens the integrations with Adobe’s industry-leading marketing and personalization products.

Shopify : Shopify is a Challenger in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce; in the last iteration of this research it was also a Challenger. Shopify offers an eponymous multitenant, cloud-based commerce platform for B2C sellers. Shopify’s end-to-end solution spans commerce, POS, payment and fulfillment. Its operations are based in North America, as are half its customers. Shopify has gained the attention of large organizations with Shopify Plus, which is aimed at merchants that need additional features or require access to Shopify’s APIs. Although Shopify’s B2C customers are mainly relatively small organizations, large retail enterprises should evaluate Shopify Plus for some B2C requirements, such as ensuring a new product line reaches the market quickly, or when testing social selling scenarios.

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