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Adobe After Effects



‘Le Musk’ is a 37 minute cinematic sensory experience produced, directed and scored by two time Oscar and Grammy winning composer, A. R. Rahman. The virtual-reality piece will be showcased using a motion platform along with scents and haptics to provide a one-of-a-kind immersive experience. We designed and developed the website for Le Musk.

The following technologies & platforms were used to design and build the website.

  • Design prototyping using Figma

  • Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

  • We used Next JS as the application platform. 

  • Server-side rendering and static rendering in Next.js ensured the site had great performance

  • GreenSock and HTML5 Canvas API for animations and effects

  • as a headless CMS

  • Mailchimp for subscriptions and newsletters

  • Twitter API integration for Twitter feeds

  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for analytics and marketing integrations

  • Google Recaptcha for bot attack prevention

  • Hosted on AWS and Cloudfront CDN

Cinematic Sensory Experience: the three words that best describe Le Musk’s journey. Our aim was to create an online experience that matched this definition. The design was done capturing the essence of the story, and gaining inspirations from elements used in the movie. This included sight, sound and scent. The technology had to match the design inspiration. We wanted the website to be modern and slick, with many interactions and animations. 

The design team started their work by visiting Mr. Rahman’s studio, followed by many interactions. Every interaction we had with the Le Musk team gave us a solid foundation for how we may creatively leverage Le Musk’s ground-breaking notion. 

By closely working with the Le Musk core team, we were able to incorporate the key inspirations of Le Musk in our designs.

The development team also worked closely with the internal design team as well as with the Le Musk team. Quick iterations and prototypes helped the team craft the web experience that matched the design inspirations.


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