Intricacies of Being a Photographer

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We are all photographers in our own way, it is something that we all love to do. But what is photography? Why do we love it?
And what does it take to be a real photographer? Anything that arrests the viewer and makes the creator happy is a good photograph.

It need not speak a thousand words or convey any meaning or story. It takes real passion and dedication to be a professional photographer along with a mind to improve with every click. In reality, every exceptional photographer begins as an amateur who takes pictures for the sake of it, and then gradually decides on what kind of photography genre they are most comfortable in. Photography is like painting, one has to create a unique style to be successful in this field.

There are certain crucial factors that make a real difference in this field. The camera settings are the first thing you should learn to become a good photographer. A professional is someone who practices to the point that they really get wrong. An amateur is someone who practices until they get it right. There is a big difference between those two levels. A good photographer must have a very keen eye for detail, to ensure that all elements within the photo; the lighting, the composition, the subject and everything else in between is in coordination. A photographer has to be really patient and prepared (especially in fields like wildlife photography where it can take days to capture a perfect picture). A student of photography should be up-to-date with technology, should be referential(should have a mentality to study from other photographers and people) and above all, they should also develop good persuasive skills. It’s crucial to note that a student of photography is a student of life and he should make sure that his/her pictures can tell emotions that words fail to tell.

Photography is a powerful tool for storytelling. It is the ability to capture a moment as it happens with just a single click of a button. Done! that part is over. Now to the reason why we love it, there may be a combination of factors. Let’s just see.

It helps in capturing moments – life skips past us in the blink of an eye: people come and go, we change jobs, locations, hobbies, lovers. Photographs allow us to return to that moment.

Testament of ourselves – It’s a living proof that we once stood there and took it all in.

Creativity – It allows virtually anyone to express their creativity. This is especially true in today’s digital environment where the cost of entering and maintaining this hobby is within everyone’s reach.

A perfect hobby – The ability of a photograph to connect to our past, associate us with an event, and preserve memories without words or interpretation makes it an influential hobby for all of us.
These are just a few reasons for our fascination towards photography and I am sure each one of us has our own story to tell in that regard. And to answer the question of what it takes to be a real photographer, it is necessary to delve a little deeper into the art of photography. In order to be a photographer, it’s vital to have a passion for it but in order to be a professional photographer one has to have a thorough understanding of what he does.

Photography is a field of immense opportunities, one just has to be passionate, creative and work relentlessly to create an authentic mark on this discipline, along with a mind to learn from his mistakes. Photography has given me purpose to exist. It has also helped me observe things which otherwise I would have just walked away from casually.

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still”
Dorothea Lange