Sales Specialist

We are hiring Sales Specialist to join our Team!

We are looking for a professional with a sound analytical mind, hunger to succeed, willingness to work their way through to a deal and reap benefits because of it. This is an A player who will lead all sales initiatives through our integrated CRM, run campaigns, track and prepare communication for all customers and identify the opportunities, rank them and convert them into deals. Top candidates have excellent problem-solving and people skills.

  • Manage customer CRM.
  • Identify, evaluate and filter lead lists.
  • Plan marketing campaigns for existing customers and identified leads.
  • Define communication plan for all audiences (customers, partners, vendors, well-wishers, advisors, ex-employees, candidates offered and not joined, candidates applied and rejected).
  • Conducting market research and sharing findings with the leadership.
  • Working alongside the leadership team to draw up strategies to increase customer base.
  • Identifying and distributing sales targets for geographies and services.
  • Maintaining excellent relationships with customers that are built on trust, and encouraging the rest of the customer-facing team to follow this example.
  • Keeping up-to-date with advancements in marketing.
  • Bringing 10x to the table to convert deals.
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