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An artificial intelligence (AI) tool which merged with the Adobe Experience Cloud. The main purpose of Adobe Sensei is to settle time between marketing ideation, plan and execution.

Adobe Sensei connects to all of Adobe’s cloud services, and it helps to create better marketing experiences for your customers. Although many platforms provide their users with the tools required for building feature-rich websites, few of them can deliver the technology capable of completely personalizing the online shopping experience.
Why would anyone choose to lead with artificial intelligence? As explained, A study conducted by Google showed that people spend more on their online shopping if they felt their experience was more personalized. Nowadays more retailers across the world search for inventive ways to deliver better and relevant shopping experiences to their customers.

Upgrade your Ecommerce experience

With Adobe Sensei’s capabilities that work together with AI you can grow your Ecommerce website to a higher level. Product recommendation is one of the best marketing tools provided by Adobe Sensei.

Product Recommendations

In today’s era, one of the best ways to make a customer feel special and important is through Ecommerce personalization. It is about understanding your customer’s needs and preferences and then offering them relevant products based on the customer’s browsing behavior, purchase history data, demographics, and psychographics.

After the configuration, the storefront will begin gathering the behavioral data. Sensei processes the collected behavioral data along with the catalog data and calculates the products that can be associated with a particular recommendation type. The merchants can further create, deploy and manage product recommendations to the storefront directly from the Admin panel.

Looking at the benefits of product recommendations:
  • Sensei offers different types of recommendations that the merchant can choose from such as more like this, customers also viewed, most purchased, recommended for you, and more.
  • Product Recommendations with the Magento Page Builder has helped merchants fill the gap between content management and intelligent merchandising. Using the Page Builder’s drag-and-drop functionality, merchants can place product recommendations across the website pages. Sensei also provides an option to add recommendation units to various content types.
  • Gives a streamlined workflow, once the feature is activated, merchants can recommend the products to the customers immediately. Integrating this with the product recommendation feature assists the merchants to become more competent in enhancing the overall shopping experience of customers.

Product recommendation is a powerful marketing tool that can indisputably help your brand to deliver a relevant and rich experience to your customers thereafter increasing boosting revenue and stimulating shopper engagement.

AI-powered live search

Consumers expect to seek out what they’re searching for quickly and simply. For merchants, directing shoppers to the foremost relevant search results without delay can advance their business. Live Search grants our merchants “searchandising” potential to produce their customers with quick, personalized search-as-you-type results, supporting ongoing AI-driven analysis.
As the Live Search relies on the same product catalog metadata as our Product recommendations feature explained above, it can be easily enabled for merchants that have already implemented Product Recommendations. Analyzing the popular and top searches can help out the merchants on future products decisions. The merchants can also update the search algorithm according to customer search queries to recommend other products in their catalog.

Some of the Adobe Sensei features

  1. Intelligent image discovery, Automatically recognizes images in your Adobe Creative Cloud media library and suggests tags. Identifies elements within images, such as faces and buildings, focusing on an easy way for us to categorize and search accordingly. The intelligent dynamic media capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager, allow marketers to automatically create high-quality images and graphics which adjust according to screen size and resolution.
  2. Deliver personalized experiences,
    Customer expectations change constantly, and we need to understand and deliver accordingly. With Adobe Sensei powering features in Adobe Experience Cloud, we gain a more comprehensive view of our customers, giving enhanced insights on customers.
  3. Business intelligence, this works with Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions to analyze data from past campaigns to enhance our business strategy. This offers us the best time to increase our advertising spend and what channel to focus on. Reduces customer decisioning or time spent in browsing by automatically personalizing articles for individual readers.
  4. Automated form filling, no matter where our customers are, Adobe Sensei can provide intelligent, smooth experiences. The Automated Forms Conversion feature designed by sensei allows us to automatically transform PDF forms into a website-like experience. With form field recognition that detects form field candidates based on a thorough analysis of the document. Easily identify document images from your photo library so as to convert them quickly into PDFs.
  5. Empowers creation and customization, Analyses the text and determines the most relevant sentence summarizing it. Use powerful inbuilt search in Adobe Stock and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to find the right assets and design without limits in apps like Adobe Dimension, Adobe Character Animator, and more. It can even search existing documents which cover similar content and can also change the way we interact with paper documents. As an example, let’s say simply take a photo on your mobile device, and automatically convert it into a fully editable digital text.
The opportunity of Adobe Sensei in business extends way on the far side sales and advertising to different aspects of running a victorious Ecommerce business, like website security and even offline management. AI may be a long-run investment once enforced properly and integrated properly into your business, it will prevent cash and fuel its growth for years to come back.